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Emulsifier AEO (MOA) Series

specification A-103 A-105
Properties and Applications:
1, the product is dispersed in water, soluble in hot ethanol and a variety of solvents, hot oil and benzene and xylene, etc., are widely used as w/o emulsifier.
2, in the textile, it is composed of lubricant (mineral oils, fatty oils, oil-soluble emulsifiers solvent) one. Textile processing and production of synthetic fiber antistatic agent, and good compatibility.
3, the leather is tanned leather softener, lubricants.
4, in the manufacture of ink used as an emulsifier. When oil pigment ink was prepared, so that oil can be used to add quickly emulsify. Easy kneaded, rolled pulp can be increased brilliance and lubricity finished ink fluidity.
5, in metal processing, as an emulsifier, metal cleaning and detergent solvent cutting oil emulsifier and dispersing agents.
6, on pesticides, as a pesticide emulsifier.
Packaging and Storage

200kg iron drum, 50kg plastic drum. This series of products non-toxic, non-flammable, as a general chemical storage and transportation. Store in a dry ventilated place. Shelf life of two years.