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Oil alcohol ethoxylates 1602/1605

Product Components: oleyl alcohol and ethylene oxide addition polymerization product.

Structural formula: C18H35O(CH2CH2O)n-H

Quality indicators:

product Appearance Cloud point pH value
1602 Yellow to colorless transparent liquid 37 ± 2°C (5g in 25g 25% BDG) 5-7
1605 72 ± 2°C (5g in 90g 25% BDG)


Softeners used in the production of cosmetics, lubricants, solubilizing agents and emulsifiers, for the production of frost convergence and convergence lotion; OV-3-bromo-acid used as a solubilizer for the production of liquid lipsticks and balms, can also be used in the preparation of bubble bath, shampoo, perm, depilatories and hair straightening agents; this product can also be used as an oil-soluble spreading agent; the product with mineral oil, isopropyl ester, alcohol and water refined oil formulated a clear gel.Mainly in the pharmaceutical industry as emulsifiers, solubilizers and lubricants, manufactured emulsions, creams used.

Packaging and storage:

Iron or plastic barrel, net weight 200kg or 50kg. Note that during transportation lightly armed, light unloading, anti-leaching, stored in a cool, dry place, storage period of one year, one year after the re-examination of qualified can still be used.