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Shenzhen Banggao Industrial Co., Ltd. concentrates on producing each product with the enterprise spirit of “exquisite design” and “exquisite processing”.

The company adopts the international advanced "PRESS" ethoxy/propoxy atomization synthesis reaction device and improves it. The annual production capacity reaches 12,000 tons/a. The product quality has been certified by many authoritative organizations and reached the level of international similar products.

The company has 25 middle and senior technical talents with independent comprehensive technology development capabilities. Mainly engaged in the development and production of coating auxiliaries, textile auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries, chemical fiber oils and surfactants. The company has worked closely with a number of well-known universities and research institutes such as Shanghai University, East China University of Science and Technology, and Dalian University of Technology to conduct extensive technical exchanges and cooperation, and jointly developed a number of scientific and technological achievements, greatly expanding the market scale of high-tech products.

The company's research and development of ethylene glycol phenyl ether and its acetate, propylene glycol phenyl ether and its acetate, low foam wetting and dispersing agent, silane coupling agent, solubilizer, emulsifier and many other products, is a domestic original product, The quality is excellent, and it has been compared with similar foreign products. Many domestic companies are competing for selection, and they are exported to Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other places.

Shenzhen Banggao Industry Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate sincerely with us. We will meet the requirements of our customers with exquisite first-class products, superb and reliable technology and excellent service.

With the business philosophy of "excellent quality, competitive price, joint efforts, and win-win", we are committed to providing high quality and competitive products to all over the world.