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Ten heterogeneous alcohol polyoxyethylene ether phosphate BG-1006P

【Other names phosphate BG-1006P
Chemical Composition】 【heterogeneous alcohol ethoxylates ten phosphates
Type anion
Technical index 
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid (25 ℃ visual)
p H value: ≤3.5 (10g / L, 10% aqueous ethanol determination.)
Content: ≥95%

Properties and Application 
1, one of the best so far scouring agent material, than iso-octyl ether phosphate better wettability, permeability, alkali resistance and emulsification.
2, has good water solubility, detergency, emulsification, lubrication, washing, dispersion, anti-static and anti-rust properties, excellent electrolyte compatibility, stability to heat and alkalis. Acid, alkali, hard water resistance, resistance to salt, high temperature, and good biodegradability, and low irritation. Also has strong degreasing power.
3, having an excellent antistatic property, smoothness, softness, improved absorbent fibers, preferably dynamic friction coefficient between the fibers can be adjusted.
Packaging and Storage 

50Kg plastic drum. As a general chemical storage and transportation.
Store in a dry ventilated place. Shelf life of two years.