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Propylene glycol phenyl ether

Molecular C6H5°CH2CH2CH2OH Amount: 152.2
BG-PPh is a colorless, transparent liquid with a pleasant aromatic sweet smell. Its non-toxic and environmentally friendly properties have a significant effect on reducing the V°C of the coating. As a high-efficiency filming aid for all types of water-based latex and dispersion coatings, it is particularly effective in light and semi-gloss paints. It is a strong solvent for various polymers such as vinyl acetate, acrylate, styrene-acrylate, etc. It has low water solubility (below the evaporation rate of water, which helps to swell the particles), ensuring that it is completely absorbed by the latex particles. Excellent continuous coating to give latex paint the best coalescence and color development, while having good storage stability. Compared with common film-forming auxiliaries such as TEXANOL (domestic alcohol ester-12), the amount of BG-PPh is reduced under the conditions of complete film formation, same gloss, fluidity, sag resistance, color development, scrub resistance, etc. 30-50% or so. The strong coalescence ability, the comprehensive film forming efficiency is increased by 1.5-2 times, and the production cost is significantly reduced. For most emulsions, BG-PPh is added to the emulsion in an amount of 3.5-5% and the minimum film forming temperature (MFT) is -1 °C.
Through product optimization, BG-PPh (E), (T) can be directly added at any stage of the paint, the operation process is greatly simplified. Overcome the stability problems caused by the high concentration of this product in the case of pure acrylic emulsion, special dispersion or homemade emulsion.
Usage and dosage:
1: We recommend that BG-PPh be added before the emulsion or added during the pigment grinding stage, so that BG-PPh is easy to couple with other components in the formulation system, and is better emulsified and dispersed without affecting the stability of the pigment.
2: Under normal circumstances, the amount of pure acrylic emulsion added is 3.5-6%, the amount of addition of vinegar-acrylic emulsion is 2.5-4.5%, and that of styrene-acrylic is 2-4%.
Packaging and storage:
1:50 kg plastic bucket, 200 kg plastic bucket.
2: This product is non-dangerous and should be stored in a cool dry place.