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Propylene glycol phenyl ether (BG-PPH)

Chemical name: propylene glycol phenyl ether

Molecular: C6H5.CH2CH2CH2OH

volume: 152.2

performance Boiling point°C Evaporation rate 
BuAC = 1.0
Solubility in water% The relative density of 25/25°C PH value Color of 
APHA value
Active Ingredients%
BG-PPh 242.7 ≤0.01 1.1 1.045-1.065 6 ± 0.4 <150 ≥99

BG-PPh colorless transparent liquid with a pleasant aromatic sweet odor. It's non-toxic and environmentally friendly features to reduce paint V°C effect is remarkable. As efficient coalescent various water emulsion and dispersion coatings in gloss and semi-gloss paint is particularly effective. It is vinyl acetate, acrylic esters, styrene - strong solvent of various types of acrylate polymer, a water soluble small (less than the water evaporation rate, help swollen particles), to ensure that it is completely absorbed by the latex particles, formed excellent continuous coating film to impart latex coalescence best performance and color development, but also has good storage stability. Compared with ordinary film-forming additives such as TEXANOL (homemade alcohol ester is -12), fully formed in the film, the same gloss, fluidity, anti-sagging, color development, under scrub and other conditions, BG-PPh reduce the amount of about 30-50%. Strong coalescence capability, integrated deposition efficiency 1.5-2 times, production costs have dropped significantly. For most emulsions, BG-PPh added to the emulsion an amount of 3.5-5%, minimum film forming temperature (MFT) of up to -1°C. 

Through product optimization, BG-PPh (E), (T) can be directly added at any stage of paints, operating process is greatly simplified. To overcome the stability problems of the products in acrylic emulsion, dispersion or homemade lotion special circumstances arising from the use of high concentration. 

1. We recommend BG-PPh before the emulsion was added, or added in the pigment grinding stage, so BG-PPh formulations and other ingredients easy coupling, preferably emulsified and dispersed, and thus will not affect the stability of the pigment and the like sex. 
2. In general, the addition amount of 3.5 to 6% acrylic emulsion, acrylic emulsion for vinegar added in an amount of 2.5-4.5% for styrene-acrylic generally 2-4%.

Packaging and storage: 
1. 50 kg plastic barrels, 200 kg plastic barrels of bile.