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Ethylene glycol phenyl ether

BG-EPh is a typical high boiling organic solvent. It was widely adopted in Europe and the United States in the 1970s. It is a slightly aromatic, colorless transparent liquid with good miscibility, low volatility and strong permeability. Compared with isophorone (commonly known as 783), DBE and benzyl alcohol, its comprehensive performance is outstanding. Can be used in full performance.
BG-EPh is a low-toxic substance commonly known as "universal solvent". It can be used as a solvent for acrylic resin, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, ethyl cellulose, epoxy resin, phenoxy resin or the like. Commonly used as a solvent and improver for paints, inks, ballpoint pen oils, penetrants for printing inks, anti-blocking agents for screen printing inks, penetrants and fungicides in detergents, and filming aids for waterborne coatings. As a dye solvent, the solubility of the PVC plasticizer can be increased. Using its strong dissolving power, it cleans the surface treatment of printed circuit boards and plastics, cosmetic perfume protectants and thinners, and is an ideal solvent for hydroxybenzoates. Preferred solvents and penetration aids for hair coloring and nail polish colorants. It is an ideal anti-corrosion agent in medicine and can also be used as an anesthetic. Used as an extractant in the petroleum industry.
BG-EPh products are reliable in quality and have been exported to Europe, Japan and Korea in batches.
Packaging and storage:
(1) 50Kg plastic bucket, 200Kg plastic bucket. Special requirements are available.
(2) This product is non-dangerous and should be stored in a cool dry place. Shelf life is 12 months.